Monday, August 13, 2012

Office Library - Essential for Corporate

One question always came in mind that while the habit of reading is encouraged in all areas but not in offices. Why do most of the corporate still stick to only business or technical reading material in their office libraries?

Like me, most of my friends will also love workplaces that have better reading or viewing material other than technical books. Whether they are magazines, literature and management books, novels, bestsellers, and potboilers, it is a fun to read. As books provide knowledge on vast diversity of things, I feel reading is also a good exercises for imagination.

Though from the HR perspective, indulging in light reading in the workplace is a waste of productive time. But a library in an office can surely help the employee’s to drive growth for the organization. In the present internet world Google has taken over the role of ‘information provider.  It is still essential for enterprise to stock books of all types.

Even the amazing library interiors with calm atmosphere will make an employee relax and come out of his mundane life. Thus I feel an office library is essential in all types of offices.

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