Sunday, April 30, 2017

Keeping it simple - Your Business Marketing and Advertising Message

We are in the process of rolling out 3 new websites. One to represent our product, one for training, and one for our online business community. Its a lot to chew on for a start-up like ours with minimal capital and human resources, but it has become necessary.

While most people would balk at the idea of a 3-site presence, todays market welcomes it. The Web is kind to those with a simple concise message, and a simple concise message we have not. Sure you could simply say that we help promote Car Dealer Websites, but people want to know how and thats where it gets complicated.

Our sophisticated message is due in part to my own personality as I am prone to focus on the tactical or mechanical aspects of a Business Marketing and Advertising plan, but what we do is also new to the Automotive Industry so when we pitch our product to people they do become interested, but many struggle to get their heads fully wrapped around what we do which of course makes it more difficult to sell.

Our Business Marketing and Advertising message has 3 audiences and our ultimate goal is to be a bridge between consumers and industry. My hope is that by carving our message into 3 distinct and functional websites it will help to simplify things by giving people simpler and more tangible pieces of our message along with the ability to do something with each piece.

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